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Overcoming problem eating

‘Hi Mark – it’s LY. Remember me? This e-mail is to tell you about my first year in control of my eating. I no longer see food as a means of escaping myself because now, amazingly, I actually like myself. I thought I ate too much because I was greedy, but you showed me that it was because my self-esteem was on the floor. I still don’t really understand how life coaching works. I have stuff I want to do in life. My family say that I am much more fun! And I am now a good role model for my children. All the best.’ Lilly, Mother of two

Control, Understanding, Response-Ability and Belief

Overcoming problem eatingCWI supports people who binge, overeat, snack excessively, comfort eat,  struggle with portion size or otherwise eat in a problematic way.

CWI is for people who…

  • Would like to change their eating habits if they had the ideas, knowledge and strategies to do so.
  • Have tried to change already on many occasions, but without success.
  • Want to change their bad eating habits for good.

Our philosophy is to give you ideas and knowledge in a jargon-free way, as well as practical strategies that you can use in your everyday life. With CWI you will gain CONTROL and UNDERSTANDING, the ability to RESPOND positively to your situation and an increased BELIEF that change is possible.

A different type of conversation about food

CWI understands that you will change when you feel supported, understood and accepted for who you are. Too many people feel judged, embarrassed and guilty about their eating habits, which makes a difficult situation even worse. At CWI, you will not be labelled as this or that: you will be given support and understanding free from judgement. With this supportive relationship in place, CWI will help you to understand the reasons behind your problematic eating habits and how to overcome them. Together, we will have a different type of conversation.

Who is CWI for?

CWI is for people who have mild-to-moderate eating problems, which while not completely ruining their lives, are nevertheless making them unhappy and life less enjoyable than it should be. CWI works with people who have often tried a range of other approaches, sometimes successfully for a time, but who have found themselves falling back into unhelpful patterns of eating such as:

  • frequent dieting
  • unhelpful shopping habits
  • binge, comfort eating and overeating
  • too much snacking
  • excessive portion sizes
  • inconsistent fitness regimes

No ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ approach

CWI does not offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. The main aim will be to work with you to develop an approach which helps you to overcome your eating habits in a way that makes sense to you. And, most importantly of all, which will work for you. Using up-to-date ideas, knowledge and techniques from the fields of psychology and neuroscience, your curiosity will be aroused in terms of just what you are capable of, and you will be shown ways to maximise your resources.

Areas of focus include:

  • Thinking – gaining control of negative, intrusive thoughts about food
  • Behaviour – being calm and behaving differently around food
  • Feeling – developing a positive emotional relationship with food
  • Lifestyle – achieving a lifestyle where food does not play such a dominant role

CWI offers different support options to suit your needs and circumstances:

1-2-1 therapy and life coaching

There are some important differences between therapy and coaching, but don’t worry as we’ll talk through which approach is suitable for you at this time.   Find Out More

Coming in 2018! Inspiring one-day and short courses in the picturesque market town of Oakham, Rutland.

Our courses are run at weekends to give you the time and space to work through the challenges and difficulties you face with food. Find Out More


At CWI, we make a distinction between mild-to-moderate problem eating and eating disorders. If you have a diagnosed – or suspected undiagnosed – eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia or Binge Eating Disorder, CWI recommends seeking specialist support. Your GP will be an initial source of information for accessing specialist help, but the excellent eating disorders charity ‘b-eat‘ can also provide information and support. Their website is

Nutrition and dietary advice

CWI is for people who already know what is or is not the right food to eat – there is plenty of information on healthy eating out there already – but who want to know HOW to eat differently. And because our focus at CWI is on how people eat rather than what they eat, we leave the dietary and nutritional advice to those with the qualifications to provide it. If in doubt, start by contacting your local GP.