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 Life Coaching in Leicester

Mark Evans, Life Coaching Leicester

‘Hi Mark – it’s LY. Remember me? This e-mail is to tell you about my first year in control of my eating. I no longer see food as a means of escaping myself because now, amazingly, I actually like myself. I thought I ate too much because I was greedy, but you showed me that it was because my self-esteem was on the floor. I still don’t really understand how life coaching works. I have stuff I want to do in life. My family say that I am much more fun! And I am now a good role model for my children. As you know, I don’t have a lot of money and your Pay What You Want approach, which you kindly extended for all of our sessions rather than the first three was such a generous act. I am sure I will stay in touch. All the best.’ Lilly, Mother of two

Creative, inspiring & motivational

To achieve new directions in life we need:

  • Time and space to reflect and set new life goals
  • Someone outside of your immediate support network, who has your interests at heart
  • An individual who is supportive, non-judgemental but also challenging
  • An Accredited coach with the necessary experience, skills, ideas and knowledge to develop someone’s potential and resourcefulness
  • A professional with an established psychological background in containing and transforming emotions that hinder us into ones that help us
  • Conversations that are creative, inspiring and motivational

Your Potential

Questions: Are your current conversations meeting these needs? Or do you need someone else to speak to? Do you need to have conversations that you are not having elsewhere if you are to develop your potential and find out what it really is you want to do with your life? Is this what you want for yourself?

This someone else could be me. As an experienced and accredited coach there is a good chance I can help you to make positive, sustained changes in your life.

Which area of your life do you wish to reflect on and change?

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Career
  • Lifestyle
  • Yourself – confidence, assertiveness or relationships
  • Managing upheaval, change and transition

I have worked successfully with people in all of these areas.

Interested? Contact CWI for a free telephone consultation and for more information on our life coaching services