”Before I started therapy with Mark I was carrying severe emotional baggage that was seriously preventing me from living my life.

Having been exposed to mental, physical and financial abuse in my home, I reached a point where I could no longer carry on living my day to day with a ‘normal’ piece of mind. My anxiety and self esteem was so severe that I was too scared to speak my mind and enjoy the everyday laughter. Despite having completed a Masters from a top university and securing full time employment in a competitive field, I didn’t believe in myself, in my capabilities or that my family or friends around me even loved me.

I was severely ashamed of being female and of my ethnicity because of the cultural negativity that I had been witness to much of my childhood, something I never admitted to a single soul until I started working with Mark. I was at that point where I was even afraid of spending time with my own mother, because the trauma that I had experienced was all too alive and well despite being far away from harm. I didn’t trust myself, nor did I trust my ability to interact with others and without sounding too cliché, life just didn’t seem to be getting any better.

Words cannot truly articulate how incredibly talented a therapist Mark is. I genuinely have worked through my anxiety, guilt, shame, fear and trauma to the point where it genuinely does not affect my everyday living at all, I am in full control of myself and more than able to handle the challenges of everyday living. What the human mind is capable of is truly amazing and there are skilled people like Mark to bring that out in us. Despite the challenges life may bring, the human body and mind is truly able to restore and it is people like Mark who are there to help us along the way.

I cannot recommend Mark enough and hope that more people start investing in themselves and in therapy.

Lots and lots of warm wishes, Fatimah

I went to see Mark at a time when my eating habits were out of control. I had been a serial yo yo dieter for years and had gone back and forth to various popular dieting clubs but always ended up putting any weight I had lost back on. I realised that there must be a reason why I felt the need to eat excessively, sometimes in secret, at times and longed to establish a normal relationship with food which I could sustain for life.

I feel that I have gained so much from Mark in such a short time and find myself being much more aware of the pressures I put on myself as well as those pressures I allowed other people to put on me. I have also come to realise that some of those pressures were unnecessary, particularly when I felt some negativity creeping in and as a result I have managed to make some positive changes in those areas. For example I now know that trying to please people all the time meant that I had little time left for me and that I had no focus on what my needs were. I clearly wasn’t happy when prioritising other people’s needs over mine and this led to me comforting myself with an excessive and obscene amount of “treats” and junk foods.

Going back to a conversation we had in our first meeting Mark raised a point that sometimes people have a “fantasy” about the person they are or want to be and I recall at the time that I did feel a little aggrieved by that comment but I actually think he hit the nail on the head. I have given this concept a lot of thought since then and have come to realise that there is a part of me who enjoys the idea of doing certain things more than the actual execution of it and actually, it is that part of me that sets the unrealistic and unachievable goals which then has a knock on effect with my poor eating habits and leads me to be unhappy and so the cycle continues. I am now learning to do what I actually enjoy doing, when I am able to do it and will focus on that for the time being.

I am feeling very positive about the future and a lot more content with myself than I was just a short 3 sessions ago and I have Mark to thank for that life changing clarity.


So happy to have the opportunity to share my review!!

I sat in a café one day stuck & knowing I couldn’t become unstuck on my own! I discovered  Mark Evans as I googled “Life Coach, Leicester” He seemed to tick all my boxes. Our first session dissolved a massive blockage in my life & I received understanding straight away. I mean he ‘got it’. This was so exhilarating to me as Mark gave me tools to go off & view myself & my life in a more positive way. Our subsequent  sessions targeted specifics but Mark wasn’t afraid to challenge my all or nothing thinking either! To say that Mark is good at what he does, really doesn’t communicate adequately what he has done for me. I will be returning to deal with the next layer! I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. If you are looking for a competent caring Coach/Therapist Mark is excellent & makes a positive difference in your first session.


I arrived at the practice in a ball of insecurity  and self doubt. Having endured years of corporate bullying and the death of my Father.

My sessions with Mark where decisive and constructive not only drawing out all my unspoken fears and buried emotions but allowing me a safe hour to reflect on the day to day decisions that where blocking my ability to react in positive and growing manner. Thank you for the impactful and constructive words thought what was a very painful and confusing time.

I now will continue with a sense of self and new found confidence. Highly recommend this practice.

Thank you again

Ruth Lindsay

Hi Mark – Long time no speak, which I suppose in my case is a good thing. Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for all your help. It has completely changed me as a person and put me on a new track in life. I’m now working as a teaching assistant and enjoying every minute. So out of my comfort zone working with 11 year olds, but it’s great. Anyway, not going to bore you with all the details, but just to say thanks for everything you have done for me.


Mark offers a professional, reliable, and safe place in which to discuss painful issues. He responds calmly with compassion and appropriate validation of feelings, and explores possible ways forward. H

‘Hey Mark – I just wanted to thank you for seeing/ helping me for counselling. I just wanted you to know how helpful the sessions were; I can now look back and think about how worthwhile the sessions were and how glad I am to have attended. I feel in tune with my emotions/ feelings, this has been a big help because I can know identify and relate to peers a bit better. Which means whenever am going through something I don’t feel as though am being punished, ’cause everyone goes through the same stuff just different times. Understanding what’s going on in my head, has meant experiencing fewer to no headaches. From time to time I think about my auntie. Each time I think about her, I find myself wishing her well and hoping she’s ok, which breaks my heart immensely but its a process. With my aunties passing. I feel as though she helped me confront and accept myself. Which I felt needed to be done, however I had no clue as of how.

I feel settled and am enjoying my life. Thank you :)’

Anthea, Florist

Dear Mark – Hello this is Petra. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with the counselling. I know I didn’t attend the last session as I felt that things were getting much better. I also wanted to let you know that I’ve finished my degree and I got into graduate fashion week. So thank you so much! I don’t think I’d be where I am now if I didn’t go to counselling and had the support I’d received.’

Petra, Game Art graduate

Dear Mark – Thank you for your email. I would like to say thank you as I was amazed how beneficial your counselling sessions were for me. As you know I has been going through a very emotional time since suddenly loosing my dad in February this year which was completely unexpected. Following our sessions, remarkably I felt completely different about things and have been very productive now for months. Almost all of what you were saying sounded just like me and the way I have allowed my mind to control me with negative thoughts. I am very keen to continue with counselling in the future as I do not want to return to anxiety medication again. Thanks again.’

Fred, Landscape Gardener


‘This has been my first real experience of coaching in a work-based context and I embarked on it with an open mind, but unsure of the value it would bring to me. Looking back I can see that each session was valuable and provided practical insights. I think the value only increased with each session as the coaching relationship developed and I gained confidence in the areas of my professional life that could benefit from Mark’s input. Without the coaching my levels of stress would have been considerably higher, more significantly impacting my ability to be effective in the work place. Coaching allowed me to remain strong even in the face of adversity.’

Management Consultant, Pharmaceutical Industry

‘There was real value for me in talking things through, but more than that coaching was like ‘magic’ as if the simple act of talking should not be capable of giving rise to the changes I have undergone. The differences between my presentation in earlier coaching sessions and my last one are significant. These changes manifested themselves in between sessions at work and home. Coaching has made a real difference to my self-confidence and I no longer felt the need to ‘justify’ myself and my actions. Mark’s ability to challenge me and his timely provision of psychological information and coaching models were very much appreciated. Perhaps most important of all was Mark’s belief in and commitment levels to me. I lacked gravitas and authority as a leader before coaching, but according to my CEO I now possess these qualities. I will be referring two members of my management team for coaching with Mark as I want them to gain from it too.’

Director, Social Housing Provider

‘I began coaching in a period of organisational change and my situation was uncertain. As far as I knew there was a reasonable chance I would be found a role elsewhere or made redundant. Despite the odd anxious moment I have been able to handle this time positively and coaching was responsible for this. I have learned through coaching that I can adapt to new circumstances, be they within my current organisation or another one. Coaching has been a highly significant experience for me and it has led to substantial changes in both my personal and professional lives.’

Manager, Social Housing Provider

‘I was really glad that Mark asked me what I wanted to discuss in our coaching sessions and that I was able to lead the discussion to the topic straight away. I appreciated his alternative perspectives and his challenging style. Mark kept me focused and made me feel at ease because he was able to understand me and my dilemmas. He offered so many insights, nuggets and pieces of wisdom. Coaching has had a direct impact on my performance and development and I have felt so much better and feel my self confidence in my every day job has improved already which is amazing.’

Team Leader, Higher Education Institution


‘Dear Mark – I am writing to you because I have finally achieved the goal that I came to you see about. I am now a qualified counsellor. It seems unimaginable now that I once worked in advertising and marketing. You never said at any time that it would be easy and I think on reflection that this is what I came to appreciate the most about my life coaching with you. Your relentless focus on setting realistic, achievable goals (that S.M.A.R.T. model), which initially I found hard to accept because I wanted things to happen quickly, has served me well both personally and, now, professionally. I particularly remember our early conversations around finding meaning and purpose. It was at this time that I was able to make sense of my unhappiness. You never stopped believing in me and supporting me through what we both know were difficult times. You once said to me that if we are to make a difference to our clients then we have to be able to look them in the eye and say ‘I know what you are going through.’ I will never forget this insight. I look forward to collaborating with you as a fellow professional. Kind regards.’

Theresa, Counsellor

‘Hi Mark – it’s LY. Remember me? This e-mail is to tell you about my first year in control of my eating. I no longer see food as a means of escaping myself because now, amazingly, I actually like myself. I thought I ate too much because I was greedy, but you showed me that it was because my self-esteem was on the floor. I still don’t really understand how life coaching works. I have stuff I want to do in life. My family say that I am much more fun! And I am now a good role model for my children. As you know, I don’t have a lot of money and your willingness to reduce your fees was such a generous act. I am sure I will stay in touch. All the best.’

Lilly, Mother of two